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Me n sugar

February 19, 2013

Sugar sugar sugar Oh! sweet sober sugar,
I just wanted you so much, I just loved you so much,
So many O so many all shapes n size n so yummy,
I ate you when I was a kid, and sipped you when I used to play,
I dug in you n woke with you n ate you all all day,
But now I see you near yet so far,
Still yummy your dishes are,
But I cant have them, yes, I cant have,
And I’m strong n I’m glad,
Coz slowly n slowly your love was killing me,
And I was fatter yet I didn’t see,
But my heart wept quietly everyday,
Till it was attacked one day,
I then understood that I love you no more,
N for my dear heart I made sure,
That I will break away from you,
You wont be able to lure me again,
N you wont be able to give any pain,
I’m happy to be still away from you, n will always be!!!


Creation of Annu Tripathi, a freelancer, passionate about creative writing, poetry, short stories and content writing. Otherwise, a full time housewife.


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