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John fights back!

March 5, 2013

My name is John,
and I have diabetes,
half of my life is worn,
due to this group of diseases,

Doc says some strange things,
about my blood and about my insulin,
my blood has sugar,
more than it should be,
despite so much sugar,
it is not really sweet.

“John your body cannot hold that much,
your cells don’t react your condition is such.”

But that doesn’t cease me to live,
I still have several things for taking and much more to give,
this life which has so much sweet, still isn’t tasty,
it’s like nothing to enjoy in a chocolate pastry,
but I have faith in life, faith in god,
my determination can fight every little odd,
this disease is a mere stone,
kept in my path by me very own,
it’s me who will kick it or take it towards an end,
this stone is definitely not a kind friend,

John has one life and nothing else to mention,
he has one goal to live and nothing as a tension,
if he can do, then why can’t you,
lets fight this disease, life has a long way through.

This is a short poem on a diabetic man named John; he is fed up of it and wants to recover. He expresses his desire to live and not let this disease take over. Then he tells everyone to be determined and not to lose hope.


Creation of Virinder Sabharwal, a science student currently in 11th grade. Writing poems and science philosophy is a passion.


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