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Importance of Psychological Intervention in patients with Diabetes

March 7, 2013

William Shakespeare said “The Eyes are the window to your soul.” Similarly, beauty is the reflection of our health. We all have a desire to look beautiful but still ignore our physiological and psychological health. But what if we are diagnosed with an illness? Can we look beautiful then?

Suman was very young when she got diagnosed with Diabetes. Her childhood was protected by her parents but because of this she was isolated from her peers. She was not allowed to spend much time with other classmates and neighbors for better management of her diabetes by her parents. This led to low self esteem in her. As she grew up she became an introvert child who was very well behaved and good in studies. When she was in 11th standard, a boy approached her and proposed to her. Attracted by him, she did not notice that her relationship with him was at the cost of her spending money on him where ever they went. Like him she continued higher studies and got a bachelors degree. She soon looked for a job but the boy decided to study further. Once Suman started working, her regular exercises stopped and her diet also became irregular.  She started physically deteriorating and her face lost its charm. She was under regular stress because being the only one earning between her and her boy friend she had to support her boy friend for most of his expenditures. Based on the commitment of marriage and advancements by the boy, they even got physical and she conceived. She wanted him to marry her immediately but the boy refused. She was forced to abort her child. She is experiencing immense stress as the boy continues to have sexual relationship with her. He is also exploiting her financially but when she asks him for marriage he refuses. When brought in for therapy, Suman was facilitated to maintain a healthy life style with regular exercise and diet control. Relaxation was introduced to combat stress and BP related problems which she had developed over a period of time. She initially chose to avoid her boyfriend for some time. During this time she went to a trip with her office team during which she was proposed to by her colleague and she immediately refused stating that she was in a relationship. She is now in therapy for the last one year physiologically maintaining well. She has broken off from that boy and thinking of a better relationship.

In the case above we can see that beauty can be maintained in illnesses like Diabetes by seeking support by multi specialist professionals.

This article would look into the significance of Psychological intervention for a patient with diabetes.

Any illness has some psychological impact but in lifelong illness like diabetes it becomes profound. The news of the diagnosis makes the patient and his family members go through a grief process. This grief has to be resolved at the end otherwise the individual patient or the families of children and adolescents would become dysfunctional. Adjustment to the diagnosis is facilitated with the help of a health psychologist or clinical psychologist.

Studies show Depressive Disorder is found 3 times in people suffering from Diabetes than general adult population. Anxiety disorder is also significantly more common in people suffering from Diabetes. The most common psychological factor associated with patients with Diabetes is Stress. Along with other biological changes, acute stress in the general population typically results in suppression of insulin release and thus increases glucose level in the blood. These studies further emphasize the importance of Psychological intervention for patients with Diabetes.

Article compiled by Ms. Deepali Bedi

M. Phil. Clinical Psychology
M. Sc Psychology
PG Diploma in Management of Children with LD
M.A. Counseling Psychology


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